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Juntas de Alta Calidad was founded in 1990, it’s dedicated to produce and to commercialize diesel gaskets for motors CUMMINS, Perkins, Mercedes-Benz and Navistar, as well as transmissions. Our organization was created due to the need of guaranteed gaskets into the truck market in the country Nowadays the demand is unsatisfied for the national production, that’s why we consider our company with a great potential of growing.

We’re a 100% Mexican company, with a, big experience in the national market, which have permitted us to detect its needs and quickly adapting them to our operations.

Our main office is located in Mexico City, with a production plant of 680 m2. We have planned to buy new equipment and machinery in order to increase the production levels.

“Our mission is participated actively on the development of the Industry supplying the best gaskets to satisfy our national and international clients, by making each of us the commitment to give value to our products and clients”.

“We want to be recognized for the quality of our products, experience, seriousness and growing into the national and international Industry”.

We are a developing company with experience in the market and flexible operations that allow us to be in constant touch with our clients and suppliers; always looking for quality in our products and a satisfactory service.

The quality in our products and the diversity of the lines of them; supplying the solutions from our clients.

Our competitive advantage is the flexibility on service, the quality in raw materials, the variety of products that we manage and the experience in the market of more than 15th years.

The benefits that we offer to you are: a competitive price, quality in raw materials and the finish of our products moreover the attention to clients and the experience on the market that speaks by us.